The Senate Employment Office is nonpartisan and administered by the U.S. Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms. This office serves as an official resource to applicants seeking Senate employment. The Senate Employment Office supports two types of opportunities in the Senate.
Member and Committee Offices: partisan and nonpartisan opportunities
  • Administrative, legislative/policy, communications, constituent services
Sergeant at Arms: nonpartisan support roles within the organization
  • Administrative services, cybersecurity, graphic design, human resources, facilities maintenance, furnishing and design, information technology, photography and videography, security and preparedness, training and development, etc.
The Senate Employment Office does not possess hiring authority, nor does it control salaries, benefits or job requirements.
This office does not handle employment verifications or benefits. Current or former staff should contact the Senate Disbursing Office at (202) 224-3205

Offices within the United States Senate are equal opportunity employers.