The Senate Employment Office assists Senate Member and Committee offices with filling entry-level through professional staff vacancies. The office administers the Senate Resume Bank and publishes the Senate Employment Bulletin and Internship Opportunities Bulletin as a service to Senate offices choosing to advertise staff vacancies.
There are approximately 5,000 Senate staff who work across the 100 Member and 24 committee offices. Read our E-Book for an overview of employment opportunities and benefits with Senate Member and Committee offices. For more information, please visit our resources.
118th Congress - Senators (2023-2024)

State Ties and Political Preference

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Due to the unique nature of the Senate, it is important to consider your state ties and political preference when applying. Senate staff are representatives of their office, so hiring managers often look for applicants who exemplify the political and ideological interests of their Member.
Additionally, Senate hiring managers may consider your state or regional connections, especially when filling entry-level positions. Your strongest state ties may include places where you have lived, studied, worked, or were stationed while in the military. Please note that state ties are often preferred, and may not be a requirement.
Map of the US Regions for all 50 states.

Career Opportunities at the U.S. Senate

This chart outlines partisan and nonpartisan opportunities that may be available with Member and Committee offices, independent offices, and support organizations within the U.S. Senate. Job vacancies can be found on the Senate Employment Bulletin.
Senate Opportunities chart.
* Other nonpartisan legislative branch organizations that support both the Senate and the House: Architect of the Capitol (AOC); Capitol Police (USCP); Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Congressional Budget Office (CBO); Government Accountability Office (GAO); Government Printing Office (GPO); Library of Congress (LOC); Office of Congressional Workplace Rights (OCWR). The Senate Employment Office does not conduct employment activities for these organizations. Visit Congressional Employment Resources for more information.