This resource was designed for Veterans and transitioning servicemembers interested in obtaining Senate employment. Additional sections include information about other congressional employment and fellowship opportunities, federal employment resources, and resume resources for Veterans.

Employment Opportunities

There are many opportunities to serve in the Legislative branch of government. Senate personal and Committee offices have staff who handle constituent casework, legislative, communications, or administrative operations, while offices within the Senate Sergeant at Arms and Secretary of the Senate assist with daily support operations across the Senate. Additional opportunities exist within the U.S. House of Representatives and with other Legislative Branch Agencies, and may be found here.
Each Senate office is an independent employer, responsible for their own candidate review and selection, as well as setting job requirements, compensation, and conditions of employment. Because Senate offices are not mandated to have Veterans’ specific programs, whether or not such programs exist, is at the sole discretion of the Senate office. If a Senate employing office does offer special programs or opportunities for Veterans, then information would be available on the Member or Committee’s website.
With your military background, you may be interested in legislative positions focused on policy related to Veterans’ affairs, armed services, defense, national security, intelligence, and foreign affairs, or in other domestic policy areas. Much of this work is partisan and conducted by Military Legislative Assistants, National Security Advisors, Professional Staff Members, or by Legislative Correspondents and Research Assistants. You may also consider constituent-focused roles in a Senator’s state or regional office, such as Caseworker or Military and Veterans’ Affairs Representative/Liaison. You can learn about positions with Senate personal and Committee offices, here. All current vacancies can be found on the Senate Employment Bulletin.
The Senate Sergeant at Arms (SAA) and Secretary of the Senate (SEC) are nonpartisan organizations that support Senate operations. These organizations hire staff from a wide range of industries including, cybersecurity, emergency communications, facilities management, furnishings, human resources, printing and graphics, technology support, and more. Both the SAA and SEC accept applications for Veterans’ preference under the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998 (VEOA). Applicants requesting Veteran’s preference should complete the vacancy application and the application for Veterans’ preference, and must provide any required supplemental materials. Information about the SAA’s VEOA process can be found online at Please contact the SEC’s Human Resources department at 202-224-3625, for information about their VEOA requirements.

Congressional Fellowship/Internship Programs

Whether you are a student or a professional looking to transition to a civilian career at the Senate, you might consider applying to fellowship or internship opportunities to gain practical work experience on Capitol Hill. Some Senate offices offer their own fellowship/internship positions, while other opportunities are sponsored through outside organizations. Congressional fellowships of note include, the U.S. Senate Stars of Valor Fellowships Program (coming soon) and the U.S. House of Representatives Wounded Warrior and Gold Star Family Fellowship Programs. Please visit the Senate Internships and Congressional Fellowships and Internships pages for more information.

Federal Employment and Readiness Resources

Federal agencies and their partner organizations offer employment resources and guidance to assist Veterans and transitioning servicemembers seeking civilian employment or educational opportunities. Listed below are select Federal resources:

Resume Resources

In addition to the Senate Employment Office’s general resume and cover letter guide, there are many online resources available to help you “translate” your military service and accomplishments to civilian terms on your resume. Several free resume translation resources are included below, and other guides may be available online: